How James – A Locksmith – Saved Me From Being Homeless In Atlanta


Recently I visited my mom to celebrate her 60th birthday. My other siblings were also there. Since I had to go to work the next day, I had to leave the same day after the party. Anyway, my mom kept reminding me to collect all my belongings and I kept reassuring her that I have packed everything and am not forgetting everything. Well, how stupid of me!

So, I reached my apartment in the middle of the night. I was very sleepy and started fumbling through my luggage to get the keys. I was very tired and just wanted to crash.

I kept looking and looking but could not find my keys. Suddenly, a lightbulb went up in my brain. I left my keys on the refrigerator in the kitchen at my moms house. I started panicking. I was alone and had recently moved to Atlanta for work.

I did not know anyone apart from a couple of guys from work and at this time, everybody would be fast asleep.

I started thinking about the spare key but then remembered that it was inside my apartment. I, being the smarty pants, forgot to keep spare key in a safe place.

Well, now what was done was done and I needed to find a way to get inside my home.

So, I started to think and it came to my mind that I need to find a locksmith who will be able to come at this time will allow me to get into my apartment.

I started searching on my phone and typing locksmith. Well, I thought it will be very easy. I thought I will just have to make a call or two and the locksmith will come and this nightmare will be over.

But, my nightmare had just begun.

I was able to find quite a few numbers of locksmith in Atlanta. So, I started calling them one by one.

First two numbers I called, nobody picked them up. This, in spite is saying that they are available for service at all times.

I really started panicking now. The drops of sweat on my forehead had formed a poodle by now and they started dripping. I was literally getting wet in my own sweat.

But there was no choice. I gathered myself and started dialling the next number.

This time someone picked up. This was James. James listened to my stress filled shrieking voices and deduced that I needed help.

So, James turned out to be not only a excellent locksmith but a nice guy and decided to come and help me out.

James was a guy in his 40s and had a lot of experience in locksmith services.


He arrived and asked for my ID. I showed my ID and then he proceeded to unlock the door of my apartment. It did not take long and within 15 min the door was unlocked and I was in.

I ended up paying James quite a bit of money due to my own stupidity.

Now, my spare keys are where they should be and I listen to my mom attentively. Hope, you learned something from my story of finding locksmith in Atlanta.